Our Mission

It goes beyond raising grades.


Educating Young Minds provides a customized personal approach with empowering resources, unlimited opportunities and curricula tailored to exceed required standards on both a personal and digital platform. Addressing the academic, social and emotional needs of our community, we provide solutions cultivating desire, talent and ability that creates a standard of excellence within you. Consequently, more than 90% of EYM students graduate from 4-year colleges.


Parents and guardians are held responsible. The students are held accountable.

Desire + Dedication + Hard work = Success

Children have a desire to succeed.

The dedication and hard-work required to succeed leaves many inner-city students frustrated because they lack academic structure and discipline in their schools. At EYM we encourage students to recognize the benefits of hard work. To achieve this, EYM provides one-on-one tutorial and counseling services in a nurturing and supportive environment, encouraging students to see the benefits of taking responsibility for their own academic future. This lays the groundwork for their academic success.

Specific Objectives

Education is a long-term commitment .

Educating Young Minds' teachers, administrative staff, and board of directors are committed to the success of each student. We require that there exists a positive academic working relationship between parents, teachers, and staff. Parents are interviewed and are required to be active, participating members of the overall team. EYM is committed to the academic and emotional success of each student in the following areas:

  • Improvement of study skills and habits.
  • Higher levels of accountability and motivation.
  • Improved progress in school report card grades.
  • Improvement of learning, social and homework-study skills.
  • Development of organizational and decision making skills.
  • Self-discipline and confidence.
  • Develop high levels of self esteem
  • Empower students, parents, teachers, and counselors

Measurable Outcomes

Measurable outcomes involve more than the student's rank on national and state achievement tests. Raising reading comprehension levels for all students, increasing the understanding of basic math concepts, and helping students to achieve a high level of self-esteem are all important and measurable.

EYM's effectiveness as a force for change in these areas has been demonstrated over the last 20 years by excellent EYM student performance on various assessment instruments and tests. Increased parental involvement and support also indicates growth and progress .

While 60% of EYM's Kindergarten through 2nd grade students enter the program testing in the lower percentiles in all areas, after six months of hard work, 80% now score in the 80-90th percentile. This is a significant, measurable improvement.

75% of our 3rd-6th graders enter EYM testing below grade level. After six months, three-quarters of these same low-achieving students are now considered average or above. More than 60% of the students in attendance for one year or more , score at or above grade level.

82% of our 7th-11th grade students (the group considered most at-risk) come to EYM with extremely low test scores - many testing as low as the 25th percentile. After six months, 64% are passing, and after two years, 91% are far above average with hopes of attending a 4-year collegiate institution. At EYM we encourage 4-year collegiate enrollment or transfers to 4-year programs after a 2-year program at a local community college.

The progress and the success of out educational program is measured by the academic, social and emotional growth of each of our students. We are able to track the progress of each of our students through the following:

  1. EYM test series . Through our own set of tests on specific Math and English skills we can create an academic benchmark for each student, and with subsequent tests, evaluate progress.
  2. Academic standing at school . All progress reports and report cards are brought to Educating Young Minds, reviewed, and filed to reference progress.
  3. Monthly review . Once a month the student's teacher at EYM will meet with our executive Director, Ms. Angeles Echols, our Chief Educational Officer, Mr. Terrence Budd, our Director of Program Services, Mr. Amrahu Ibraheem, our Executive Services Coordinator, Mr. David Harry, and the student to discuss the student's work habits, grades, behavior, and motivation.
  4. Results from standardized testing . Using the results from standardized tests, particularly the Stanford 9, we are better able to pinpoint a student's strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Collaboration with our "feeder" schools and universities . The EYM staff and administrators visit schools, meeting with the teachers and counselors of our students.
  6. Parental and family feedback . Developing a strong relationship with the families of our students and expecting their close involvement in our program. Parental meetings take place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.