Year to Date

Just a bit of our accomplishments.

  • EYM expanded board Membership
  • EYM has donated/ pledged more than 750,000 dollars in collegiate scholarship
  • Increased staff by five additional teachers.
  • Served over 3,500 students.
  • Numerous awards and recognitions for Executive Director and EYM Program.
  • Expanded summer program's scope and reach.
  • Hired Development Director.
  • Continued to excel in core mission.
  • Expansion of home-school and after-school programs by more than 35%.
  • 100% success rate of graduating high school seniors.
  • 85% success rate of college graduates
  • Expanded corporate capabilities and internet access.
  • EYM students are graduates of USC, Stanford, Xavier, Florida A & M., Berkeley, Spelman and others.
  • Annual Christmas Party gave away more than 500 toys to over 350 families.