EYM's Mission


EYM’s mission is to holistically change, impact or enhance the academic, emotional, social and professional trajectories of today’s at-risk, underserved and/or special needs students (i.e. IEP’s, labelled ADD/ADHD) and those who desire to excel with AP honors subjects. EYMs’ culture, methodology and multi-faceted programs introduces students to a world of opportunity in technology, sciences, math and entrepreneurship. Students are taught to be responsible for their own learning and achievement and parents/teachers are held accountable.

Its mission impacts African Americans, New Americans of African Descent (NAAD) and Latinos that exhibit the following: are from low-income underserved communities, are considered high risk/at-risk youth, have low GPAs, read/perform below grade level, are 1st generation high school/college graduates, are displaced youth, are disadvantaged youth who have not had direct contact or involvement with the justice system but are at risk of entering the juvenile justice system, are youth at-risk of dropping out of middle/high school, are at risk of committing low-level offenses, live in families with limited parent engagement, are at-risk of developing suicidal thoughts and/or are those who desire to achieve and graduate 2 and 4 year collegiate institutions.

EYMs mission is guided by 5 critical objectives: 1. Provide and/or nurture the socio-academic/behavior attributes, strengths, challenges, and relationships that we understand as core to successful student growth, college matriculation, and outcomes 2. Foster attitudes and behaviors that underpin trans-formative parental engagement and functional family social skills 3. Build a continuum of resources and services that addresses healing from past victimization, peer pressure/bullying, and drop-out potential 4. Transparently track, monitor and report program-wide progress, impact, and adjustments that inform our work as thought leaders and impact-driven practitioners 5. Redefine the level of expectations, professional trajectories and landscape of how, what and when children learn, parents/guardians get involved.