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The Need

The neighborhood schools that many of our students attend in the greater Los Angeles region are characterized as severely academically destitute. Our students come from area schools where students perform on the STAR test in the bottom 10 and 20th percentiles. Four out of seven students are reading below their grade level and 1 to 2 ½ levels below the national average. Many of their parents have not graduated from high school and/or do not speak English. Many young people today are in school and community environments where self-destructive attitudes and poor work habits go unchecked. Many of these students are not held accountable. It will therefore essential that we reach these children as early as possible, for many will eventually reach a point of no return academically.

Our Goals

Our goals and objectives are simple: for every child that enters our program we strive to achieve academic, emotional and social growth. We expect an improvement of study skills and habits, a higher level of accountability and motivation. We expect our students to read independently of others and to develop decision-making skills and organizational skills. Improved self-discipline and confidence breed improved conduct, learning skills, social skills and homework skills, which in turn improves progress in their school skills and their report cards.

EYM’s long-term goal is to empower our students with the skills and abilities they will need to enroll in, succeed at, and graduate from a four-year college and universities. We want our students to return to their communities as mentors, role-models, and leaders.