Amazon Studios Awards $175,000 Grant to Educating Young Minds Programs and Digital Platform Access/No Excuse

Amazon Studios keeps at-risk, Black and brown youth and families “Engaged and Inspired” as they learn and grow in the digital world

Los Angeles, California – With the support and partnership of Amazon Studios, Educating Young Minds (EYM), a leader in supplemental education in the greater Los Angeles area for more than 33 years, is now expanding/extending its online platform Access/No Excuse (ANE) nationally. Since the onset of COVID-19 and throughout 2020, EYMs online programs, services, and leveraged community resources continue to target at-risk youth and families in need. Resources include tutoring (all subjects), computer tech programs (virtual reality, coding, and augmented reality), early learners’ interactive online curriculum, counseling and mentoring. An online STEAM focused summer camp, Amazon Studios book drive, mentorship sessions (with esteemed guests including Debbie Allen, Bob Santelli, Anne Sweeney, Suzanne DePasse, Dr. Pedro Noquera, City National Bank, and EYM alumni), EYM’s SAT/College Access and Life Skills initiative (CALI) and Amazons Career Encounter Day for EYM high school students with Amazon employees of diverse leadership skills and backgrounds, has encouraged our students and families as they address educational inequalities during this unprecedented period of events and crisis. EYM’s partnership with Amazon Studios will substantially increase EYMs outreach, strengthen its technological infrastructure and assist EYM in providing the educational and tech resources students need to grow and learn.

“Over the past few months, it has been an absolute pleasure working with EYM and learning about the powerful work your organization is doing in our community. We are thrilled to support your virtual learning modules, and planned curriculum expansion to a wider group of students across the United States. We look forward to our continued partnership” Bella…… Amazon?

As reported by the Society for Research in Child Development, “results of a survey conducted in April with parents in Texas, New York, California, and Washington show that one in five Black parents received little to no information from their school about remote learning resources during the pandemic. Responses from a survey conducted in March show that 25% of Black youth connected with teachers less than once per week.

At Educating Young Minds (EYM) we immediately realized we must adjust and not only provide online educational resources and leveraged services but assist in finding and providing food, clothing, masks, gloves, sanitizers, COVID-19 information/outreach materials, WIFI, computers, drawing tablets, manipulatives, textbooks, novels (required reading), training, counseling, mentoring and encouragement. Educational tools, hardware, software, and school supplies needed for classes, workshops and seminars according to each students individualized education plan are also provided.

“During this unprecedented time of COVID-19 uncertainty, confusion and fear, children nationwide who attend online public schools are learning less, and falling further behind and parents have limited skills and resources and are unable to help them. Amazons “children and families first” philosophy as described to me by an Amazon employee is why EYM is excited to be one of the first supplemental educational institutions in Los Angeles selected to receive Amazons resources and financial support and encouragement.” Angeles Echols EYM CEO/Founder

About Educating Young Minds:
Educating Young Minds (EYM) mission is to holistically transform, enhance or impact the academic, emotional, social, and professional trajectories of today’s high risk, at-risk, low-income, under-served, or special needs students (with IEPs or labeled ADD/ADHD). EYM’s multifaceted programs, methodology, and culturally relevant resources and services for low-income, high-risk, at-risk youth and their families expand, extend and employ EYM’s preventive- intervention socio-academic and life skill platforms and strategies. EYM provides virtual and non-virtual programs, resources, and services guided by developmentally appropriate principles for students’ grades PreK-12th grades.

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