Early Learners & Parent Engagement Initiative

EYM Early Learners now capable of reading, completing math computations, follow directions, and research chapters and lessons independently on the computer. Students now test in the 90+ percentile at their registered schools.

Educating Young Minds, will utilize our families’ passion and the nation’s transition to social media and technology to facilitate intervention, growth and empowerment for Early Learners and their parents (Pre-K-2nd grades) academically, emotionally, and socially with its online curriculum, Community Forum and Resources for low-income, underserved and underrepresented youth and their families

EYM’s overall goal is to:

  • Plan for effective kindergarten transition
  • Cultivate parental participation in the planning and implementation of the child’s learning plan and success
  • “The Parent is a Child’s First Teacher”— incorporating strategies to develop and strengthen this attitude
  • Provide an engaging early education academic program for children Pre-K-2nd grade with parent engagement that is monitored and tracked
  • To provide positive academic and behavioral support that defines expectations
  • To target young children from low to moderate income families to increase literacy,
  • math and language skills, emotional and social confidence.
  • To maintain ongoing qualitative and quantitative measurements of objectives and make adjustments as necessary
  • To create short term objectives (in some cases) that reflect specific parent and student needs
  • To track progress of both parent and student through pre and post-test, evaluations and questionnaires, direct observation, varied interactions, feedback, surveys, test and quizzes.
  • Provide tools and habits that will aid in the development of interpersonal skills, child/family needs, early assessment and identification of children’s developmental needs.
  • Increase parental capacity in teaching and supporting learning in their children
  • Provide resources and referrals to address the child/family needs
  • Enhance parent/guardian and child/student relationships
  • Enhance parent/guardian and teacher/instructor relationships
  • Create a desire of responsibility and accountability in parent’s spirit regarding the child/student’s