EDUCATING YOUNG MINDS independent-study program is designed to accommodate students who desire or need an alternative teaching environment to public and private schools. Each student's school district assigns a state approved curriculum, in core academic subjects needed for graduation. EYM's independent-study teachers assist each student withal approved coursework and tests, monitoring their progress daily. Using both individual and small classroom instruction, our teachers are able to focus on and address individual, academic strengths and weaknesses. Supplemental educational support material and on-going tests is also given, assisting students when they are testing below grade level.

Students, who have been unable to perform successfully in a traditional scholastic setting, blossom when given the necessary attention and support, one on one.

Teachers from the City of Angels Program, various online programs and other school districts are assigned to each student, in conjunction with teachers from Educating Young Minds who teach and/or tutor each student daily.

Diagnostic exams are given to determine student ability level

Small class sizes allow for one-on-one instruction

Weekly or bi-weekly progress reviews is shared with parents, guardians and counselors   

All assignments and homework is taught, reviewed, and/or checked by professional staff to maximize student potential

Supplemental support is given to local school districts, and other home study programs throughout the city

Work is checked and/or reviewed and students return completed assignments to teachers of registered school, with a better understanding of assigned material.