After-School Tutorial

Where you are encouraged to stay until the work is completed.

EDUCATING YOUNG MINDS, after-school tutorial program offers intensive academic assistance with class work and school work to students enrolled in schools from throughout the Greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas. EYM monitors homework, tests, grades and behavior. We also provide supplemental instruction in core academic subjects to students who seek academic excellence in AP courses. enrolled in schools from throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

EYM provides an adjunct educational experience for all enrolled students, some of whom may be at risk of academic failure without such intervention.

  • Teachers teach, tutor, assign, check, and sign-off on all student work, daily.
  • Three required assignments per day per student. One must be in Math and the other in reading comprehension.
  • All homework must be completed, and logged. Student preparedness is a high priority.
  • Students in need of additional supplemental support are given diagnostic tests for placement
  • Students are tested in preparation for upcoming exams at their registered institutions.
  • Tests are reviewed and corrected
  • Study Skills, Test Taking Skills are taught