Our Formula

How we do it

Parents and guardians are held responsible. The students are held accountable.

desire + dedication + hard work = success

Children have a desire to succeed . The dedication and hard-work required to succeed leaves many inner-city students frustrated because they lack academic structure and discipline in their schools. At EYM we encourage students to recognize the benefits of hard work. To achieve this, EYM provides one-on-one tutorial and counseling services in a nurturing and supportive environment, encouraging students to see the benefits of taking responsibility for their own academic future. This lays the groundwork for their academic success.

Specific Objectives

Education is a long-term commitment . Educating Young Minds' teachers, administrative staff, and board of directors are committed to the success of each student. We require that there exists a positive academic working relationship between parents, teachers, and staff. Parents are interviewed and are required to be active, participating members of the overall team. EYM is committed to the academic and emotional success of each student in the following areas:

•  Improvement of study skills and habits.
•  Higher levels of accountability and motivation.
•  Improved progress in school report card grades.
•  Improvement of learning, social and homework-study skills.
•  Development of organizational and decision making skills.
•  Self-discipline and confidence.
•  Develop high levels of self-esteem

Empower students, parents, teachers, and counselors